Friday, February 27, 2009

I adore them

lho postingannya ternyata gagal ya??hahaha..
ni lho isinya:

akhir-akhir ini,passion ma boots smakin gede aja,pa lg setelah browsing and see some collections,fiuh....
actually i have one pair of boot tapi tu aja oleh2 trus ga begitu sreg di hati (i have a plan to cut "surai2nya")

last month i have new shoes, not only 1 pair but 2 (fyi,yg 1 oleh-oleh itu). i bought the shoes (my lofly converse) to replace the old one (converse juga-i am a big fan of converse), and i do lof this shoes. my husband saw the shoes told me then i bought it.

i really want to upload the pictures but something wrong with the connection.argh.....i thing it's time for us to buy the new tools to get faster connection.

ps: the floral boot fits with the rainy day

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