Friday, February 27, 2009

I adore them

lho postingannya ternyata gagal ya??hahaha..
ni lho isinya:

akhir-akhir ini,passion ma boots smakin gede aja,pa lg setelah browsing and see some collections,fiuh....
actually i have one pair of boot tapi tu aja oleh2 trus ga begitu sreg di hati (i have a plan to cut "surai2nya")

last month i have new shoes, not only 1 pair but 2 (fyi,yg 1 oleh-oleh itu). i bought the shoes (my lofly converse) to replace the old one (converse juga-i am a big fan of converse), and i do lof this shoes. my husband saw the shoes told me then i bought it.

i really want to upload the pictures but something wrong with the connection.argh.....i thing it's time for us to buy the new tools to get faster connection.

ps: the floral boot fits with the rainy day

Monday, February 23, 2009

::kulkas yg tidak bertempat::

fiuh....dapet kiriman refrigerator ini dari si bos. unfortunately, we don't have the space to put the we decided to send this refrigerator to jogja or solo.wakakaka. lha gedhe aja ni refrigeratornya. kmaren pas ditanya mo apa sempet mo bilang rumah aja mintanya.xixixi.tapi kok kekny maksa bgt ya....hopefully kita bisa pake refrigeratornya setelah kita punya tempat di rumah sdiri.AMIN!!!
hahaha...anyway, thx a lot for the gift.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

smell good a.k.a wangi

Hm… finally I bought this EDT for one reason only. I bought the EDT few days before I got married just because I don’t have perfume to be put on my body. I got confused when I have to choose the fragrances. And finally I chose this one. It seems the bottle say “pick me!”, xixixi. So…on my wedding this EDT accompanied me.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

i do lof it!

yup, i do lof the tight that i wore! it's cheap and look great. just mix with white shirt (it was a gift from my past,kya), skirt (my lofly skirt yg sudah kekecilan) and white shoes (but i think black shoes is much better). tapi sayang,tightnya ketinggalan di jogja.argh...

Friday, February 13, 2009


sudah weekend (lagi)!
blom punya rencana apa2.tapi masih pnasaran ma sushi tei.hiks
kpn si bapak satu itu bakalan mengeluarkan ijinnya untuk pergi kesana?
sedikit bosan juga dgn kegiatan weekend yg beragenda selalu berkunjung ke mall
(lha di jakarta memang hanya ada mall dan mall). fiuh....!

saturday: berkunjung ke mall mana ya?
sunday: mall mana lagi yg akan kukunjungi? fiuh...bosen.