Tuesday, June 22, 2010

me and my marriage...

yup....i am married.
the lucky man (hahaha) is ivan, an architect.
wanna know the story of us?

kita ketemu lagi (pertama kenal sebenarnya taon 2001) taon 2007
sekitar bulan september. he is a nice man! after 2 months in relationship,
we got engaged.hehehe. what a surprise!

setelah 1 taon bertunangan, we got married on 26 december 2008.
our marriage? sweet but sometimes sour (it's normal right?)

now, we have one baby boy, named Bagas.

ps: i have to go now....tomorrow i will continue. but don't forget to remind me!

Saturday, June 19, 2010


mumpung long holiday disempetin mengunjungi mr.merlion.

dateng kmaren rabu and, skarang hari terakir disini (sabtu,19 june 2010).

flight besok pagi sekitar jam 11.00

comment bout this city: so....clean and so nice!

80% i enjoy my trip! wow..lots of sale here. untungnya ga kalap,

secara ada main purpose dateng kesin.yippie...welcome my new family member :D
lho...lho...kok fotonya diatas ya? ada yg tau cara nurunin fotonya?hehehe
wuah...ga sabar mo pulang biar bisa ketemu baby B.
jogja...im comin'

Sunday, June 13, 2010

next trip: singapore

next trip: singapore
date: june 16-june 20, 2010
flight: airasia
place: backpackers inn, chinatown


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

daily activities...

my daily activities:

1. mandiin bagas
2. bikin susu
3. give all my lof for him

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

lama tak bersua....

hoi....aku kembali, setelah sekian lama bertapa mengurus baby.

first, i wanna tell you the progress of my baby:
1. Bagas da bisa tengkurap
2. he can recognize the people arround him

3. he can call us-bunda and ayah (hahaha, i'm kidding)

second, i am ready to have my long holiday--it means we will have our second honeymoon (my wish :P )

third, have I told you that I have my hair cut? yup, I have short hair right now :D

fourth, I will continue my story tomorrow since I have to finish in writing my report..