Tuesday, June 23, 2009


suddenly thisquestion appears in my mind:
apakah yg akan kamu lakukan jika ternyata kamu salah memilih pasangan?

fiuh...simple question but with no simple answer.

just the two of us.........me and my baby.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

new collection

hi baby...welcome to my collection

actually the color isn't bronze,but brown.tapi because i'm in hurry i only get this picture.
-size: 8 (sebenernya 7 juga cukup)
-color: brown
-brand: crocs
-cover with the fur (cocok buat ngedemin kaki)
Slamat bergabung!


3 weeks holiday.yippie! it's time for having fun.
sejumlah list sudah berjejal di kepala,tinggal nuggu realisasinya.
but the most important is i can go back to my lofly place.JOGJA!!
This is the list that i hope i can do it:
1. buwat pasport (yg blm tau mo dipake keman.yg penting buwat dulu)
2. tes EPT di LIA Gejayan
3. ke Manding:pesen sepatu
4. maen ke Depok: fish is really good for the baby
5. mengunjungi Ketandan: bling-bling is a MUST
6. wisata kuliner: kopi klotok, nanamia, sate uritan lempuyangan, angkringan!

so....wait for me guys!!